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Photos by Isabella Arruda & Omar M.

I’ve had this “blog” since 2014. This blog WAS a snippet of my eating disorder. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty, you should see my diaries. My recovery journey started late 2014 and by 2015 I was “87%” there. Today I am 99% recovered.

My blog is now a window for you to see what it is possible when you are determined, focused, and clear about your goals. The Bella Step – the transition between who you were, who are you are, and who you want to be. Just don’t live in the past, nothing is solved there.
Remember: anything I say on here is because I told you. Not anyone else – I told you.

I’m 24. I’ve lived an entire life so sometimes I feel like I’m 65.
Then I remember how young my brain/body is and I’m like “shit”. My goal with writing is to be someone relatable. I’m a few things, but mainly I am a dreamer and a lover.
“Visualize and create” has been my motto since I was young. If you can dream it, you CAN achieve it. My lifelong dream has been to move from Massachusetts to Los Angeles, CA. And look where I am. Right where I belong. #ManifestationWorksIfYouBelieve

I didn’t move to Los Angeles to become an actress or make music.
(Though: I will dip my feet in both of those worlds – mainly acting and behind the scenes productions. Stay tuned). I moved to LA for a DREAM – to be myself. Whoever that person is, be her. Be Isabella/Bells/Bella/ME

I’m your average person.
I work full time, I laugh, and I have fun; but I struggle, too. Depression/anxiety/triggers/all of the above that consist of recovery, I go through them, too…

This blog is personal. And a place I visit to express myself. If anything is “too dramatic” I’ll disclaim it. If anything is “paranoia-ish or manic” I’ll disclaim it.
Do not become my psychologist or psychiatrist on this blog. I have a team of professionals helping me battle my day-to-day demons. And it's likely your ideas about mental health are from stereotypes and “what you think you know” unless having continued your education and are knowledgeable. I’ve lived, studied, and worked in this field. (Another personal disclaimer: I support all of you who continue your education and want to be in the helping field. You’re always needed!)

I’ve struggled with an eating disorder and with polysubstance abuse.
My eating disorder lasted 6 years. I am the percentage who survived an eating disorder.

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a bachelor’s in psychology. I have zero desire to return for my master’s in psychology.

So, welcome to my blog. Some posts were written stoned (lol – sorry not sorry, legalize it #CaliforniaDoingThingsRight). I have A LOT of editing to do and will do so at my rate, which is turtle-paced. — it’s 2018 and I still have to make these edits, oh my.

All my love.

*Please be aware that I am NOT a licensed professional and cannot treat you. Please reach out to professionals local to your area*