Productivity and Depression

Happy Friday! Wishing you the best weekend. Remember to do something that excites you. Especially when you work. It’s important to take the weekend to practice self-care, and critical to do things and activities that excite you. One thing that I have been struggling with, as I like to say, is a dark cloud following me. Aka sad thoughts, falling into depression. During this time of the year I’ve struggled for a long time with seasonal depression. Despite living in the sunshine state, it still happens. I guess living on the east coast for 22 years has affected me and it carried over to SoCal. I’m determine to fight it. I’m on medication. I’m in therapy. I have to focus on the good in my life - my relationship, my job, my hobby, my three fur babies, my beautiful apartment… so how am I dealing with this right now? It was just today that I came to realize that productivity looks different for all of us. Personally, cleaning makes me feel better. Part of my OCD is having a clean floor. Call it crazy, but it really helps to vacuum. Especially with three animals, the fur can get annoying even though they don’t shed that much. I want to make sure that I am minimally watching TV, enjoying nature, reading, meditating, and focusing on my goals. I have to take it one day at a time, one step at a time. I know I can get through it this “winter.” My mom embedded in my brain to focus on the positive and remind myself of what other people are going through. To recognize that my stress, my worries are minimal compared to others. That’s not to say that my issues are not important. It’s a matter of putting issues in perspective. Well friends, that is it for now. I hope this helped you. I’ll be back.

All my love,